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 Members and their Works – where to find them

Note: URLs and members’ e-mail address change frequently. If you are unable to reach someone or a website, please post a note on the ISFHWE Mailing List indicating who or what website you are trying to locate.

NOT LISTED? Current ISFHWE members (only) may send details to the ISFHWE Webmaster about the books, columns, articles, newsletters, podcast, blogs etc. Which they have authored or edited, and where they can be purchased, and/or accessed online. Please put ISFHWE in the subject line and include your full name, your e-mail address and the URL for your web page, if available. Columnists should include specifics about your column’s query policies, and any fees involved.

Books by ISFHWE members.

Magazines / Journals / Periodicals by ISFHWE members.

Newsletters – Family Associations and Local History Newsletters edited by ISFHWE members.

Newspaper Columns by ISFHWE members.

Web publications by ISFHWE members.


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